Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Resurrection of the Weekend Book Review

Remember when I actually posted on this blog? You have a good memory.

Remember when we actually read on this blog called Eat, READ, Move? Then you have a very good memory.

Let's read again! Brew some coffee or tea, whatever floats your boat.  Get a warm brownie, cookie, or slice of cake, curl up on your couch or bed or window seat (I wanted one of those SO BAD when I was little!), put on some music, and read. 
And don't worry, because I have a book already picked out for you! It's called Lost Laysen by Margaret Mitchell. Now, if you're most of the world, you're thinking, "Wait-Margaret Mitchell only wrote one book-Gone with the Wind!" I thought that, too. But at the library the other day, I glimpsed a copy of this short love story Margaret wrote as a teenager. And I was like, "OH MY GOSH!! I HAVE TO READ THIS!", because I'm completely obsessed with Gone with the Wind, and it always made me sad that Margaret Mitchell had no other books. And no, Lost Laysen is not even close to being as good as Gone with the Wind, but I still enjoyed it very much.

Questions: If you were really going to read right now, what would you read? I really want to read Let Darkness Come by Angela Hunt.
What would you eat? A brownie; I baked some yesterday that were SO GOOD!
Would you like coffee, tea, or cocoa? Coffee all the way
And what music would you listen too? I don't really have a favorite song, but some bands/singers that I like are: Third Day, Switchfoot, Sarah Bareilles, David Crowder, Taylor Swift, Francesca Battistelli, and Adele. That's kind of a strange combination.
Don't judge.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Stopping by to read and say hello. Interesting ... maybe I'll have to check out the book? I was prepping a post for tomorrow about Peach Jam Squares and wouldn't mind one now. Hot cocoa. My instant mix. With marshmallows of course. Big mug. I was thinking of Christmas Carols earlier (this reply is obviously in December!) Music. Hmmm. My mind goes blank. Recognize some of the people on your list. Like your last statement "Don't judge." Wondering how you're doing in school. Take care! Hugs to ya! Jenn (Great post as always)

  2. I would read Inheritence. My sister won't let me read it until she's finished it!!!

    I would eat a banana topped with peanut butter. :D

    I would want hot cocoa.

    I usually listen to country, like Taylor Swift -- I love her!

  3. Hey there - guess you've been very busy. Hope all is going well - study diligently! Do your own personal very best. Take care! Hugs, Jenn (I put that book on my Christmas list ... didn't get it. May have to look it up myself!)

  4. Hmmm. Getting ready for school? I was just by Dwelling in the House. Take care! Finish out summer safe and fun!

  5. Just me again! Hey! Hope you're studying hard and "being have" as my little brother use to say . . . Mom would tell him to behave and he'd say "I'm being-have". :) Jenn