Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Random Things...

1. I made these the other week and they were pretty legit...

2...but these are sort of the best thing ever.

      3. I love this book. I read it a couple weeks ago, it was SOO good!!

4. You really should go here. If you don't live near one, I promise the food is worth the drive!
5. I really, really, really love this......

6...and this.

7. these are the most amazing things ever!
8. I really, really hope someone reads this.
9.I hope that someone is not a grandma who thinks I am just soo cute. I'm in high school, for crying out loud!

10. I wonder if anyone will EVER read my blog. Maybe I should just quit. I dont know! I hate talking to air.
Well, anyways, this weekend I will try to post a recipe or two. Goodbye!

I really am this random in person but I'm not quite this boring. I'm just not used to writing things for everyone  to see. I'm shy.

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