Thursday, March 31, 2011


Every proper southerner loves biscuits in every form or fashion.
Clearly, I am not a proper Southerner.  I would much rather eat (and bake) a yeast roll or French bread or a muffin.  But I  DO love my grandma's and my mom's biscuits!
My mom told me she would show me how to make my Granny's biscuits, but I'm not sure.  Something about dumping ingredients randomly into a bowl bothers me. Fortunately, my mom has a real recipe for biscuits that is delicious and easy!

2 c flour
1 c heavy cream or half and half

mix everything together till just combined. Pat out on a floured surface. Cut into circles. Bake at 475-500 for 10 min.

Tips: 1. Do not overmix or overhandle, or biscuits will be tough.
2. When you the dough is on the floured surface, don't get much extra flour in the dough.

See? Very simple, very little time, and very very good!


Happy evening,
Mellie =)


  1. Hi, Mellie! You came by my blog a while back, left me a comment on my parrot post. Thank you! Did you happen to see my mockingbird post? "That's my Bird", I think two days later. I haven't gotten my routine of posting and visiting blogs down yet. I'm glad I took a minute to come by and meet you. Don't be afraid of measuring your grandma and mom's way. I love it. My mom and grandma did that and it's something didn't get for a long time. It's something I cherish about hand-me-down ways. I like what you said in your profile about yourself. Your header photo is neat and colorful. The above post is very well written! Easy to read. Very enjoyable. I'll check some other posts out next. Glad to meet you! Jenn

  2. Okay. I COULD be a grandma, but I'm not. I read your posts, clicked on the random things, looked at each item. Enjoyed reading your posts. Your brownie recipe sounds better than mine and we love mine! Hmmm. You write very well. You sound lovely, I won't use the word cute, at your request. :) Looking forward to seeing what you post next. Your blog changed my mind about following blogs this time around. Say hi to your folks and get a hug from them from me to you. See ya 'round! BTW - how'd you find my blog? :) Jenn

  3. Ooops did you see your follower count go off and on with and w/o a photo? it was me. First, I couldn't get the photo to post, then it was providing info I didn't want it to provide. So, I'm gone again. I'll see if I can figure it out another day. ?? Jenn