Friday, May 6, 2011


read a list of "Things I know to be true" and it got me thinking. What are some of the most important things-both serious and not- that I've learned in almost 15 years?
It's hard to name just a few. I mean, I've learned a lot just since I came to high school nine months ago. But I'm going to put down a few significant ones.
Things I've Learned So Far:
1. Friendships do not last forever.  They may last a long time and they may be really fun while they last, but your chances of finding a true "forever friend" are literally one in a million.
2. Healthy food often tastes just as good or better as full fat/full carb food.
3. Balance adventurousness with caution.
4. Before you say anything, ask yourself: 1. Is this mean? 2. is this stupid?
5. Don't let people see you cry, especially when you're mad at them. Be strong and don't let them see they hurt you.
6. Pilates are the best way to exercise.
7. Don't join activities on impulse. Because your parents might make you do it for 3 years. And you might be soo miserable by the beginning of the second year that you lie awake at night thinking of ways to get out.
8. Even if a class is full of scary people you might find a normal, sweet person to hang out with.
9. Things never go the way you planned.
10. Cooking mishaps sometimes have happy endings.
11. If you enjoy something don't let anything stand in your way of doing it.
12. People (and things) are never what they seem.
13. People in authority hardly ever deserve power. (That includes pretty much every teacher/administrator at my school)
14. Always have your stuff for school or church ready the night before.
15. A little kissing up and a few family connections go a long way...
16. but eventually, the kissups will suffer somehow and the honest people will be rewarded. At least, that's what I keep telling myself, for the sake of my sanity.
17. Whoever said "every cloud has a sliver lining" didn't have too many clouds. Cause the silver lining doesn't take the cloud away or make it easier.
18. Reading is the best way to relieve stress.
19. Don't buy a cheap bookbag just because it's cute and affordable. Because then it might break, and you might have to carry a hideous one that screams "I AM TRAILER TRASH!"
20. Don't use tanning lotion if you are a generally unlucky person. Because then, no matter how carefully you put it on,you might have to go to school with a terrible streaky tan.
What are some things YOU have learned so far?

Happy Weekend,

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  1. Haha some of these are hilarious! completely agree that reading is great at taking away stress and that healthy food can taste way better than junk!